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Custom Orthotics in Victoria

Tailored by our chiropractor to your specific needs, pain and personal preferences.

What are custom Orthotics?

How do they differ from what I would find in a drugstore?

Custom orthotics are hand made based on a detailed assesment of your feet, gait and posture. They are designed to functionally support or correct any dysfunction identified by your chiropractor that may be causing you pain or difficulty.  By contrast while over the counter shoe inserts maybe less expensive they tend to be produced with cheaper, less durable materials and are a one size fits all solution. They are not as durable and provide a less specific solution.  As such they may not last and are less likely to provide the specific correction and support required for peach individual.

Additionally at Geometry in Victoria we offer a wide variety of orthotics to accommodate, all types of shoes from work boots to dress shoes and a wide variety of sport shoes including hockey, golf , soccer & ski boots.

What appointment should I book if I want orthotics?

and what does the overall process look like?

Make an appointment with Dr. Dawn for a foot exam, and a gait scan, cost is $40 covered by most insurance. If it is determined that you require orthotics, Dr. Dawn will write a prescription and take an cast impression of your foot. She will then explore the various additional options for orthotics and and finalize a custom plan for your needs.

The Gait scan, impression & prescription is sent to Footmaxx where they will hand fabricate your custom orthotics, the whole process takes approximately 10-14 days before you receive your new orthotics.

If you are not satisfied with the orthotics within the first 3 months of wearing we can send them back free of charge to make modifications, after 4-12 months modifications are $35  and after 13- 24 months modifications are $65.


Custom Orthotic Rates:

Initial Gait Scan

$40 +GST

Custom Orthotics

$450 *** prices vary based on options

*** Covered by many extended health care plans


Are orthotics covered by my benefits?

what about direct billing?

Fortunately many extended health plans offer coverage for orthotics. Unfortunately in British Columbia there are no plans that currently offer direct billing for Orthotics. You will need to pay up from and then submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

If you do have coverage there are usually yearly maximums in addition to coverage limits for Orthotic Devices. We suggest you contact your provide and:

  • Be sure to confirm your limits, coverage amounts and referral requirements with your provider and/or human resources department.
  • Ask in advance if your insurer what specific information they require for reimbursement, and relay this to our chiropractor / reception so we can provide you with all the documents you will need.

If you have any question please reach out to us.

How are the orthotics customized?

Dr. Dawn uses the Footmaxx™ Gait Analysis System, you walk across a computerized platform that’s connected to a computer. The platform has an array of 960 electronic sensor points built into it, that captures the motion and timing of your foot throughout the gait cycle (step). As you walk, the platform scans your feet in motion at 30 times per second, taking incredibly precise measurements of the way your feet touch the ground, and how you distribute your body weight.  Dynamic measurements of the pressure and timing of each of the 8 key contact points of the foot- the lateral and medial heel, the 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st metatarsal heads, and the big toe are taken.  Sophisticated software in the computer compares the timing and pressure of your feet to that of normal feet. This data is then analyzed by the computer to produce instant coloured 2D and 3D graphic images of the pressures under your feet that you cansee on the computer monitor. This technology has taken the art (guesswork and error) out of making orthotics and has replaced it with science-measurable details of the bio-mechanical function of the feet during normal walking.

Does Geometry offer orthotics for sports such as solfing or skiing?

Yes our Victoria based chiropractor is able to create sport specific orthotics for a wide variety of sports.  In fact the orthotic can be specifically customized to fit you cleats, shoes, boots or skates.  Our spot orthotics can be made from carbon fibre which make them 20% lighter than regular orthotics, stronger than steel for ultra durability and support, and thin enough to fit into the lowest profile performance shoes. Our chiropractor can help assess your specific sport related needs and customize orthotics to suit your individual needs.

What are some of the most popular orthotic options?

Finding the right pair of custom orthotics is obviously important to foot, ankle, and knee pain sufferers.  While our chiropractor will always tailor their orthotics to your patho-mechanical dysfunction, pain and personal preferences, you may be interested to know which orthotics options are most popular. 

Here they are, starting from number five, along with a description of each:

  1. Expedition™: hikers and power walkers find the Expedition irresistible. This orthotic has a super strong yet lightweight carbon fiber module that can fit into hiking boots and runners.  Its silver-infused X-STATIC® top cover contains moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to keep your feet cool and clean.
  1. Dress:  are totally the opposite of the bulky arch supports that grandma wore!  They are ultrathin and can discreetly fit in many casual and dress shoes.  Our dress orthotics are in demand with professionals and business women and men. 
  1.  Diabetic:  ideal for diabetics, especially those who have sensitive skin or pain areas. These have special cushioning and are designed to reduce the peak pressure on your diabetic foot, thereby reducing the chance of ulceration or tissue damage.
  1. Queen Cobra™:  helps you strike back at foot pain.  These are a unique, thin and lightweight design that can bend and adapt to different high fashion heel heights and shoe styles, from heels to boots to flats. 
  1. All-Sport Premium: this is our most popular, all-purpose orthotic.  It comes with brushed synthetic suede and offers premium support along with increased comfort.  The All-Sport works in runners, work boots, and some lace up and casual shoes.

If you suffer from foot or ankle pain and would like a hands-on examination and custom orthotic recommendation, please book a Gait Scan with our chiropractor.

How can orthotics help people with diabetes?

Custom orthotics are manufactured specifically for you, digital scan of your foot. Our chiropractor will design your orthotics with materials and additions specific to your needs and will be able to adjust the support for both your needs and your comfor. We will also consider your activity level, occupation, footwear, and other factors when designing your orthotics.

A custom orthotic is a tool that is useful for people with diabetes. Unlike orthotics for other conditions, where correction or control may be required, orthotics for diabetes require redistribution of pressure along the soles of the feet to reduce areas of high pressure, friction, or shear. Soft, accommodative, full-length orthotics are the most effective at preventing foot injury in people with diabetes.