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Inclusive Safe Space

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We want our patients to feel safe and welcome


It is an amazing feeling to walk into a space and immediately feel comfortable. You let your guard down, breathe easier, and relax knowing its ok to be who you are. For LGBTQ persons, it can be difficult to find healthcare and wellness options that provide this level of comfort, understanding and freedom to be themselves.

At Geometry, we strive for inclusivity and to create a safe space that is welcoming for everyone regardless of gender, race, or orientation. From the moment you walk through our doors we want you to feel safe, welcome, and free to be yourself.  As both members and allies of the LGBTQ community our staff and practitioners are here to support you in your health and wellness journey.  We know that each person’s experiences are different and we work to approach every patient with understanding and care.

The entire Geometry team is without doubt, committed to maintaining a positive, safe space – and that means we have a zero-tolerance policy for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism.

Geometry Integrated health is a multidisciplinary, health clinic in Victoria, BC.  As an LGBTQ owned business we recognize many of the healthcare related challenges faced by the gay, lesbian, and transgender community. It is important to us to provide a welcoming safe space for our all our patients to find solutions to their health related needs. We offer a wide range of treatments by our team of dedicated practitioners.