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Phone Consult Appointments for returning Naturopath Patients


Given the current climate around COVID19 I wanted to personally reach out and provide you with updated information with regards to relevant clinic practises/policies and your ongoing health & care. 


We have decided to temporarily suspend in-person visits and therefore I will be offering phone (and soon to come telemedicine, aka video conference) consultations to any returning patients. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes please email our administrative staff. Any patients patients who already have appointments booked in the next 3 weeks will automatically be changed to phone consults unless you notify us otherwise. With regards to telemedicine, I will be sending out a separate email in the coming days about this.  For telephone consultations I will call you at the scheduled time. 


I am (and all staff at Geometry) continuing to maintain and heighten all hygienic and aseptic procedures to keep the clinic as safe and sterile as possible. This includes:

-frequent handwashing

-disinfecting & wiping all high contact/touch areas with hospital-grade disinfectant solution

-asking that all staff and/or patients who are sick, have been in contact with someone who is sick, who have travelled outside the country recently or have been in contact with someone who has travelled outside the country recently to stay at home and not visit the clinic (please see our cancellation policy below)



Given the circumstances, we will not be enforcing any late cancellations if you are unable to make your appointment (although please do let us know in advance if you can and/or take advantage of the phone consultation option).



Further, if you are concerned or feeling overwhelmed/anxious about your individual risk around the virus, please book in for a 30 minute consultation BY PHONE wherein we will make an assessment and plan around how best to support your health and wellbeing during this sensitive time. Naturopathic medicine is well equipped to help build a strong immune system and improve your resiliency.

Remember, that for most of us the virus is not dangerous or lethal, however it is for some individuals (see whom below) and therefore it is important to help contain and prevent the spread (as we would with any other infectious disease).  


Individuals who are at risk include:

-aged 65 and over

-those with a compromised immune system

-individuals with underlying medical conditions (including those on certain medications)


As recommended by the Government of Canada public health website  please consider the following:

“stay home if you are sick….encourage those you know who are sick to stay home until they no longer have symptoms. Since respiratory viruses, such as the one that causes COVID19, are spread through contact, change how you greet one another. Instead of a handshake, a kiss or a hug, a friendly wave or elbow bump is less likely to expose you to respiratory viruses.”


While the most important things you can do to protect and prevent the spread of COVID19 are the recommendations above (handwashing, avoiding contact with those who are ill, social distancing, etc), there are also many “common sense” things you can do support your immune system. I will provide a few general recommendations; however it is important to consider your individual risk factors/health concerns and speak with a healthcare provider before applying this information to yourself.


General recommendations to support your immune system:

  • Eat a nutritionally rich diet
  • Reduce your stress
  • Get enough sleep (so so so important!)
  • Spend time outside in nature
  • Minimize toxins such as alcohol & cigarette smoke


While there are many nutrients/herbs that can support your immune system, I advise caution in going out and purchasing and/or taking these without the oversight of a health professional. And as of yet, there is no evidence to suggest that taking specific nutrients or herbs can prevent or treat COVID19. However, these nutrients do play an important role in supporting overall immunity and might be considered on an individual basis (something we can discuss in an appointment):

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Probiotics
  • Echinacea
  • Astragalus
  • Herbs used in cooking/tea: garlic & ginger



Please note that I CANNOT offer care to anyone with symptoms suggestive of COVID19.

Here is a great Symptom Self-Assessment Tool you can use if you are experiencing any symptoms you are concerned about:

Alternatively, you can call Health Link BC at 8-1-1 to speak with a healthcare professional.



Please visit the Canada public health services website for great advice on how best to be prepared: 


In general consider the following:

-filling your prescriptions

-stocking up on essentials, but please AVOID panic buying

-follow reliable information (see sites recommended below)

-communicate regularly with family, friends & neighbours


As information is evolving quickly, please visit the following websites for accurate and updated information on COVID19:

Center for Disease Control

BC Center for Disease Control

Canada Public Health Services


I hope this information has been useful to you in your quest to navigate your health & sanity during this extraordinary time. I know this has and will continue to impact many of us on many levels (financially, emotionally, physically, socially, etc) and therefore beyond what has already been said I encourage you to stay positive, stay kind and reach out if you need extra support.


In health,

Dr. Rachael Lovink, ND