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Therapists at Geometry

Foster McGee

Registered Massage Therapy, RMT, Victoria BC


Foster has an exceptional passion for movement that was first propelled by his own healing journey. Today, he is an avid cyclist, climber, dancer and yogi who aims to help all people experience the joy of unencumbered movement. This passion, for finding comfort in one’s own body is what drives his desire to help people in his vocation as a massage therapist. He blends relaxing and therapeutic modalities to help patients re-write their own body patterns and achieve a greater state of wellbeing. Foster is fascinated by the interconnectedness of body systems and often works with fascial networks of the body. He takes a patient-centered approach which focuses on what people need to best live their life as they see it.


Place of Education: WCCMT

Professional Interests: fascial systems, pain, TMJ, concussion rehabilitation