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Maddi Simpson

Registered Massage Therapy, RMT, Victoria BC

Please note: Maddi has moved away from Victoria but occasionally has appointments available when she visits. You can ask the front desk to add you to her waitlist and get notified when bookings come available.


The strength, resilience, and potential of each human body is something that I’m amazed by daily and love learning from. My intentions are to create a safe and peaceful space for clients to settle, explore, and unwind into the home within themselves. I am passionate about helping the world rediscover the power and importance of physical and face to face connection. My wish is for everyone to leave treatment feeling empowered, and connected to their bodies. Keeping a positive yet humble attitude and an open mind is important to me. Trust and communication is something I deeply value. Working in collaboration with each client to develop custom treatment plans that are creative and specific to their needs is something I prioritize. The melodic pace I approach treatment with is to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system a.k.a. the rest and digest system, this system facilitates the bodies natural healing process. I am passionate about working in an atmosphere that promotes wellness and holistic living, and thrive when pursuing work that is physically and emotionally visible.


Place of Education: WCCMT

Professional Interests: Anxiety, chronic pain, relaxation, sports rehab, c/s, myofascial release