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Barb Lambert

Registered Massage Therapy, RMT, Victoria BC


Barb finished her life changing program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1995. Barb loves being a Massage Therapist. Prior to Massage Therapy, Barb studied Epidemiology (who gets ill and why) and Art History in her BA from the University of Alberta. 

Barb has found herself moving away from the “ No Pain, No Gain” paradigm in all aspects of her life, including her Massage Therapy Treatments. Barb’s treatments feel very deep and create great change in the body, but not through force. Barb started studying Myofascial Release in 1995 and her exposure to Jin Shin Do (mindbody 5 element acupressure), Reflexology and Visceral Manipulation have left deep impressions and inspired her treatment approach as well. Barb’s passion for facilitating healing, deep fascial work and release; while treating the body and the person as a whole, has melded into a thorough, effective, connected treatment and connection to treatment.

Barb believes that most people need more gentleness and connection in their lives and she is known to get to the core of a non-helpful pattern, rather than just addressing the symptoms. Working with the fascia an unusual, non aggressive way that gets results “kind of like a curve ball” is a frequent pattern in her work.

Barb is happy to say that she has called Vancouver Island her home since 1997. Although Barb loves to travel, having a peaceful and rejuvenating existence in her home town is very important to her. Years of Taoist Tai Chi, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga and more recently Bellyfit and Bellyfit Sage have been hugely influential for Barb. Playing many sports and instruments in her childhood and youth have also augmented her ability to speak the same language as people from many walks of life.

Barb looks forward to communicating with you, to address what your body is ready for.


Place of Education: WCCMT

Additional Training/Techniques: Myofascial Release, Applied Tensegrity, TFT

Professional Interests: The correlations between the tension we hold throughout our face, throat, diaphragm and pelvic floor.The releases that can occur when we get deeply in touch with our breathing.