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Lisa Simpson

Registered Massage Therapy, RMT, Victoria BC


The astonishing ability of the human body to heal, to adapt, and compensate in the face of dysfunction, stress, injury or illness is a guiding principle in Lisa’s approach to massage therapy. In connection to her commitment to maintaining a patient centered practice, a customized treatment plan is developed for each patient through a mindful examination of your health history & interview, followed by  assessment to understand the needs of each individual. Her treatment tools are a diverse integration of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, dermoneuromodulation (DNM), Trigger Point Therapy and relaxation massages to appropriately address her patients needs and treatment goals. She has gained useful experience in treating people with a myriad of conditions including but not limited to: migraines, diabetes, sports injuries, cancer, CNS disorders, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, pre/post natal, and Multiple Sclerosis. 

She has a true passion for educating her patients, and helping them find ideal rehabilitation practices to facilitate their active involvement in achieving their goals. With structure and function in mind, Lisa aims to help bring balance back into the lives of her patients.

Outside of the clinic, Lisa is an ardent cyclist, a traveller, a plant-mom, a novice painter, a walker and treat provider for her Labrador Walter, and most importantly: a life-long learner.


Place of Education: WCCMT Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia 

Years in practice: 5

Additional Training/Techniques: Muscle energy, dermoneuromodulation (DNM), Integrated Myofascial Technique

Professional Interests: Lisa has a particular interest in myofascial dysfunction, repetitive strain injury, respiratory disorders, stress management, sports injury, muscular dysfunction & imbalance, whiplash, palliative care, post mastectomy care, and post-operative scar tissue care.