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Working at Geometry

What is it like?
The Geometry difference

What sets us apart

We win a lot of awards

Geometry opened its doors in September 2019.  Since then, we have won Victoria News’ Best of the City ‘Best Massage Clinic’ in 2020 and 2021 and we are hoping to win it again this year.  Earlier this year, we also won Victoria’s Top Choice award for ‘Best Massage Therapy Clinic’.

Winning these awards has been an important factor in rapidly building our new practitioners’ practice.  They help new patients find us, and when they do, they remain loyal, tell their friends, and as a result, you will be busy from the moment you join us.

We believe in fair wages

We believe that it is important to do business ethically.  This infuses everything we do at Geometry.  One of the manifestations of this is our fair wage policy.  All of our support staff start at above what is referred to as a living wage. A living wage is defined as “a socially acceptable level of income that provides adequate coverage for basic necessities such as food, shelter, child services, and healthcare.”  In Victoria, that is $20.52/hour.  Our staff start at $21/hour and receive raises regularly. 

Aside from being actively interested in supporting the lives of those who work for us, we have also found that it effectively eliminates the turnover of our support staff.  The longer they stay with us, the more talented and educated they become, and the better they are able to support the important work you do as a practitioner.

We are committed to reconciliation

Geometry does business on stolen land.  We are uninvited guests living on Songhees and Esquimalt territory.  In an era where there is a lot of lip service paid to territorial acknowledgements and reconciliation, we have chosen to put words into action.  Reconciliation is a verb, after all.  We are in the process of launching a Reconciliation Fund, whereby your patients are able to offer a donation of a few dollars at the end of their treatment to this fund when they settle with reception.  On a quarterly basis, the indigenous members of the Geometry team will choose an indigenous organization to give 100% of the proceeds to.

We offer a monthly scholarship fund for our team

Initially, this fund was created to assist practitioners with continuing education credits, but we have since expanded it to be more inclusive. $1000 is available on a monthly basis for all practitioners and staff at Geometry wishing to pursue self improvement of any sort.  While a lot of what we fund has been CEC coursework, we have also funded plant medicine ceremonies, mediation courses, silent retreats, and yoga teacher training.  

Our theory is that whatever makes you a better person makes you a better practitioner and a better member of the Geometry community.  We look forward to funding your self-development!

We come highly recommended

In less than four years of business, Geometry has received 252 five star reviews on Google.  Patients love our talented practitioners, our friendly and helpful support staff, the beautiful, clean clinic, and the unique way we do business in the city.

Like the awards we win, Google reviews help new patients find us and are a huge part of why you will be consistently busy working at Geometry.

We are an inclusive safe space

Geometry is a queer and indigenous-owned business.  Matt is a 5th-generation Islander of European ancestry.  His partner Joel is currently completing medical school at the University of British Columbia and is of Metis, Cree, and French ancestry.

At Geometry, we strive for inclusivity and to create a safe space that is welcoming for everyone regardless of gender, race, or orientation. From the moment you walk through our doors, we want you to feel safe, welcome, and free to be yourself.  As both members and allies of the LGBTQ community, our staff and practitioners are here to support you in your health and wellness journey.  We know that each person’s experiences are different and we work to approach every patient with understanding and care. We take pride in being a safe place for underserved members of our community.  We do outreach to the trans community and occasionally hold workshops put on by members of this community to ensure that our standards of care are inclusive, respectful, safe, and welcoming. 

RMT Contract Key Points

everything you need to know

We have two shifts from Monday to Saturday at Geometry.  Generally speaking, the morning shift runs from 8:00 am to 2:15 pm and the afternoon shift runs from 2:30 pm to 8:45 pm.  We are open Sunday, and the shift runs from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Our reception opens at 6:45 am and some practitioners come in early to extend their day. If there is room in the clinic and you’d like to start your shift early or stay late, you’re always welcome to.

Rental Rate

Shifts are on a daily rate of $125/day.  While most RMTs who join us are busy from the beginning, as a new practitioner, you have the option to be on a capped split for three months if you’d prefer. The split is 70/30, with a cap calculated at $125/shift. Ex: If you work 4 days a week, your cap will be $2000.  


We keep a number of locum RMTs on contract.  These practitioners don’t have set days in the clinic, so are able to take your shifts when you are on vacation, sick, or injured.

Patient Rates

We have a beautiful, centrally located, award winning, clinic filled with talented practitioners.  This allows us to have some of the highest prices in the city for our treatments. A one our massage costs $126. As we offer a daily rate, this means more money for our practitioners.

Hardship Clause

In the event of another pandemic mandated clinic closure, or if you’re injured, sick for a long time, or have a family emergency, our contracts have a hardship clause.  This allows you to revert to a split rather then pay the daily rate when you’re not able to work.

Discretionary Days

All our contracts offer 6 discretionary days per year.  If you’re sick, injured, travelling, or need a personal day and not able to get your shift covered, you may waive the rental rate 6 days a year.

We do not believe in non-compete clauses

Not only are non-compete clauses unethical, but they are also unenforceable in court. We love working with practitioners who work part-time at other clinics, as it brings more diversity of experience and different perspectives. We have even helped some practitioners slowly transition to home practice or start their own clinics. Whether you work with Geometry or elsewhere, we encourage you to ask any clinic owner to remove this from their contract.

Not Ready For a Full Commitment?

we have options for that
Join Geometry as a locum 

We recognize that sometimes flexibility is important. This is why we offer therapists the option to join Geometry as a clinic locum. Instead of locking yourself into a set schedule, you choose to pick up shifts when other therapists book them off.  With 16 treatment rooms and 960 shifts each month as a locum you have the option to work as much or as little as you like.  

As a locum, your rental agreement is the same as with contractors but only applies to the days you choose to work. To honour your hard work and the fact that you won’t have a set schedule, we offer a $500 quarterly bonus. That means that, as long as you stay on as a locum, you’ll be given $500 every three months. 

Extras and Amenities

The little details that make the difference

We are located in a beautiful heritage building right across the street from WCCMT and between the Royal Theatre and the downtown YMCA at 827 Broughton Street. Right in the heart of downtown, we are centrally located and within walking and biking distance to thousands of Victoria residents.  In 2020, we expanded from our initial ground floor to the floor above us.


 We have 16 treatment rooms on two floors. Each room includes:

  • individualized Sonos speakers 
  • hydraulic tables
  • computer
  • individualized heat
  • air conditioning 
Other Modalities

In addition to registered massage therapy, we also offer chiropractic, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, athletic therapy, kinesiology, osteopathy, and naturopathic medicine.

Headshots and Advertising

We run comprehensive social media and google advertising campaigns to ensure every therapist is fully booked.  We pay for every therapist to have professional headshots taken and provide you with personalized business cards and other supports to help you grow your practice.


We have 15 support staff members that support everything our practitioners do.  They open and close the clinic, answer the phones, manage all bookings, do direct billing and collect payment, reschedule patients when you’re sick or injured, and fill holes in your schedule.  All you need to do is treat your patients.


We provide full-time laundry staff, so you will never need to do laundry.


We have a rehabilitation and training gym on the second floor of our clinic.  You’re welcome to use this with your patients or personally when it is not in use.

Bike Locker

We have a large, locked bike locker adjacent to our staff room.

Staff Lounge

We have a large, relaxing staff lounge at the back of clinic with a kitchen, cubbies, solarium, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, espresso maker, and washroom.


We use JaneApp at Geometry.